If you are a guy, or you have a guy in your life, who longs to feel more at home in their body and more connected to a sense of physical wellness, strength and stability, but believes that they are "too tight or inflexible” to access the benefits of a yoga practice, this course is for you.    

Eliminating the pressure and uncertainties around attending a regular drop-in class, this full spectrum course is designed to create a safe, welcoming and familiar space for men of all ages, level of physical fitness/flexibility, and experience with yoga. We invite you to come as you are, and to join us in a movement, breath and mindfulness practice that will radically shift your perspective - away from the ideas and images you may have about yoga that reinforce a belief this powerful wellness practice isn’t for you.  Through slow and mindful guidance, let us show you how to gently ease your body into postures without forcing or straining tight muscles, while simultaneously accessing your breath more fully and easily.


The result?  

  • New found flexibility, joint mobility and postural alignment

  • Greater strength and stamina, muscle tone and balance

  • Enhanced self-awareness, proprioception, mental clarity, focus and discipline

  • Stress release and an opportunity to unwind from the busy-ness of your life

  • A community of guys benefiting from a shared space dedicated to awakening the mind-body connection and enhancing overall health and wellbeing 

Yoga for Guys has a smaller class size than our regular drop-in classes allowing for more personalized attention and also continuity of teacher-student relationship. First timers are welcome; we teach from the belief that in yoga there is always another variation of the pose and endless possibilities to modify and support each student in finding their unique relationship to the shapes and poses. We believe in approaching our weaknesses and limitations not as obstacles but with curiosity, compassion and non-judgement.  


This course will provide you with the tools to be able to transition, on your own time, to general drop-in classes with the knowledge and embodied experience to employ what you know about your own body and how to feel confident modifying postures for yourself without feeling a pressure to fit into a "one size fits all” approach to yoga.  


Yoga for Guys Pre-registered Series is offered as Level 1 + 2. 
Level 1 is geared to new and experienced students alike.
Level 2 is for those who've completed the first course, or have a little yoga experience under their belt.  
Next Sessions:
Yoga for Guys - level 2
Tuesdays @ 7:30 - 8:45pm
February 4 to March 24
8 weeks - $160 + HST
Yoga for Guys - level 1
Tuesdays @ 7:30 - 8:45pm
May 12 to June 23 (skips June 9)
6 weeks - $120 + HST
*With advance notice students can make up up to 2 missed classes in the form of a drop-in class on our regular schedule. Must be used within one month of course's completion. *
Class size limited to 10 students.  
Sign up early, this popular class often sells out!
If a session is already in progress you may join if space allows.
Please contact us.  

Meet Yoga for Guys Instructor - Joshua Lewis

" It’s not about being the most flexible person in the room; it’s not about competition or comparing yourself to any one else.  It’s about meeting yourself exactly as you are, doing what you can within a context that will stimulate, enliven, challenge and support you physically and mentally, while befriending yourself and having fun along the way."

Joshua is a yoga practitioner and teacher known for offering classes that encourage safe and compassionate inquiry into the pulsating experience of life – on and off the mat. His calm and supportive guidance is sought after by students of all level, age and life circumstance, knowing that he teaches humbly and with deep respect for each individual’s personal practice. He believes passionately that when we practice yoga, we are practicing for life and as such, each class is an opportunity to connect deeply with ourselves. On the mat, we develop an intimate relationship that allows us to heal, to grow and to transform.
Joshua guides his students with gentleness and precision. He desires for each student to feel that they can fully inhabit their practice, taking up residence in their physical bodies and feeling the surge of their energetic spirit. From here we endeavour to bring compassionate attention to the fluctuating realm of our mental and emotional experiences. We honour where we are – right now, right here – today.

Joshua began practicing yoga as a healing modality for a body strained by the demands of a life on stage. He practiced for many years on his own in the safety of his bedroom (and with a league of yoga DVDs; thank you, Eoin Finn!) before he summoned the courage to attend a public class in a studio. As a result, his practice flourished and led to a desire to dive deeply into the teachings of yoga. Joshua completed his 250 hour teacher training in 2009.