For the next month our classes are going online! 

User-friendly, open access.  Donate what you can directly to Teachers.


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click on the class you wish to join 5 to 15 mins before it starts

 PWYC for class by making a donation directly to your teacher

classes are 60 mins and all levels, unless otherwise noted

Saturday March 28

12pm Yin Yoga   with Nora Benian 

Sunday March 29

10am Vinyasa Flow   with Simone Nitzan

Monday March 30

1pm Iyengar 1/2   with Suzanne Takemura

5pm Yoga for Runners   with Christine Felstead

7pm  Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation 45min) with Joshua Lewis

Tuesday March 31

9:30am Vinyasa Flow  with Jelayna Da Silva

1pm  Pilates  with Kim McBean

3pm  Kids Yoga (30-45 min)   with Michele Breslin

5pm Yin Yoga   with Jelayna Da Silva

Wednesday April 1


10am Yin Yang Flow   with Meredith Bannan

11:30am Meditation (30 min) with Joshua Lewis

1pm Iyengar 1/2  with Susan Richardson

5pm Pilates Yoga Fusion   with Krista Janke

7pm Restorative/Gentle Yoga   with Emma Baril



Thursday April 2

9:30am Vinyasa Flow   with Simone Nitzan


11am Pilates   with Kim McBean

3pm Kids Yoga (30-45 min)  with Michele Breslin

6pm Vinyasa Flow   with Jeannine Woodall

7pm Yin Yoga   with Nora Benian

Friday April 3

10am Pilates Yoga Fusion   with Tyler Jackson

1pm  Iyengar 1/2   with Cindy Campbell

5pm Restorative/Gentle Yoga (75 min) with Joshua Lewis


Saturday April 4

11 am Vinyasa Flow   with Athena Lamarre

12pm Yin Yoga   with Nora Benian


Sunday April 5

10am Vinyasa Flow   with Simone Nitzan


11:30am Yin Yang   with Suz Lill

4pm Restorative/Gentle Yoga (75 min) with Catherine Reid

Monday April 6

10am Vinyasa Flow   with Sari Nisker Fox

1pm Iyengar 1/2   with Suzanne Takemura

5pm Yoga for Runners   with Christine Felstead



Classes scheduled weekly



Smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.



Download the free Zoom meetings App on your tablet or phone, or program on your computer.  If you haven't done this before joining a class, Zoom will prompt you to do it.


You do not need a Zoom account for the classes we are hosting. 

Prepare a space in your home and gather any props you might have. If you don't have any,  be creative: books, belts, cushions, blankets, will all work.  




Simply click the class you want to take.  It is an open meeting, no sign up, password or id required but it may take a few minutes to join in. 


Follow Zooms prompts. Allow access to your devices audio & video when prompted. 


Teachers will open classes approx. 5 to 10 minutes before start time.  If you arrive before that, you will see a message telling you to standby until the host (your teacher) is ready. 


Try and be ready, a least 5 minutes before class is scheduled.  Give yourself more time than you think you need the first few times. 

Note on Audio/Video: When you join our classes your MIC will be set to off to avoid disruption to other participants.  The teacher may unmute participants when they feel feel it is appropriate.  In your own zoom settings you have the ability to control if others can hear and see you.  i.e. you can turn your video and mic on or off.  


Click here to send your teacher a secure payment.

Please help support our teachers by paying what you can for online classes.  We are suggesting a donation of  $5 to $20  or whatever amount is within your current means. 100% of your donation will be received by the teacher, and they greatly appreciate it at this time.  


Secure paypal and/or email transfer options are available.    

For convenience sake, you may want to pay for a few classes at a time, weekly or even bi-weekly. Up to you!



Studio Guidelines

  • Give yourself 10 to 15 min to check in and get settled.  

  • The studio door is closed 10-15 minutes after a class begins and late comers may not permitted.

  • Phones should be set to silent or turned off. No cell phone use in the practice space and refrain from talking on the phone in all areas fo the studio. 

  • Please do not wear perfume or strong scents.