With a date for in-studio classes remaining uncertain, we encourage anyone with passes from pre-covid-19 to use them toward Virtual Classes prior to purchasing our new pricing options.  


Passes valid at the time of our covid-19 closure but are now expired, must be reactivated and extended in order to use. The extension will be for the duration remaining as of March 8, 2020.   You must contact us to set this up.   Once the adjustment has been made in your account you can use these passes toward virtual classes as well. 


No action is required for passes that have not expired.   You are ready to start using these passes for virtual classes and if you think you need more time to use up your passes as you get closer to the expiry date, please contact us.  if required, these passes are eligible for extension up to the full duration the studio has been closed. 

At this time, we cannot offer Refunds for passes purchased before March 16, 2020.  Thank you for your understanding.  We greatly appreciate your support and patience at this time.   

Terms & Conditions and Purchase Policies for Online Classes 2020/21:  


No refunds. Schedule subject to change.  Rates apply to online live-stream classes, not in-studio classes, workshops or pre-registered classes. 


60 day expiry, from date of purchase.  

Late access to classes is not guaranteed.  

Class Pass Purchase Policy / Terms and Conditions  :  


No refunds.


Schedule subject to change. 


Rates apply to regularly scheduled drop-in classes, not workshops or pre-registered classes. 


Single, 5 & 10 class passes have a one year expiry.  Purcahses will activate upon first use, not date of purchase.  If not used within 6 months of purchase the pass will activate automatically.  


First Month Introductory offer is for first time students to Roots, cannot be put on hold or extended and must be purchased on first paid visit.   

*Students/Under 25/Seniors must show valid ID. Yoga teachers must show teacher training certificate, Yoga Alliance Certification or a current pay stub. Discount is intended for teachers who are actively teaching.  



Workshop and Pre-Registered Policies:


Cancellations made in writing or person more than 72 hours before start time of workshop or pre-registered class receive account credit in full amount. 


There is no refund or credit issued for cancellations made within 72 hours of start time.  


Late entry may not be permitted after 10 mintues of scheduled start time.  If late, student may need to wait until it is appropriate to enter and can be done so discreetly.  

Teacher Training & Speciality Course Policy:


Each training is subject to it's own terms and conditions.  




Late entry may not be permitted after 10 minutes of scheduled start time and is at the discretion of the teacher and reception staff.

Late comers must wait for a discreet time to enter the studio and not enter during meditation, breathing practice or initial centering.