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Please check the online schedule as the class may not run between or over holiday periods. 
Wake up your body and mind!  
Start your day with an invigorating Hatha Yoga practice that will leave you feeling refreshed, grounded and ready to start your day.  
This complete one hour practice focuses on stretching and strengthening where you need it most.  Basic and interemediate postures will be sequenced to promote an overall sense of balance with emphasis on proper alignment and breath awareness.



About the Teacher - Meredith Bannan  strives to embody the teachings of yoga and share them in a pure and compassionate way. Inspired by over 15 years of practice, her goal is to help others uncover the limitless potential within themselves and ultimately lead happier and healthier lives.


Meredith has taught asana, pranayama and meditation since 2004 and has been a mentor and facilitator for Teacher Trainings in Canada and the U.S.. In addition to teaching, Meredith is the Director of Roots Yoga Studio and runs international retreats.  

Her creativity as a teacher is rooted in study of philosophy and practice of Anusara, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Restorative and Yin Yoga. She draws from her diverse experience to make yoga accessible for all. Her classes are dynamic, deeply therapeutic and weaved with practical insight for living a more peaceful and balanced life.