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Studio Reminders

Breathe easy - Roots is a scent free space.  Refrain from wearing perfume or strong scents.  


Disconnect to reconnect -  Tuck your cell phone away before entering the studio space. Set it to off or silent, not vibrate.   


Arrive with time to spare -  if you happen to be a few minutes late please wait for a discreet time to enter and set up, so you do not disturb the class already in progress. 


Most classes are DROP-IN; no advance sign up is required and regular class passes apply.  

Classes showing PRE-REG or a REGISTER button are not drop-in and require advance registration online or in studio. Regular class passes are not valid for these offerings.  Visit workshop + pre-registered page for details.

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Studio Guidelines

  • Give yourself 10 to 15 min to check in and get settled.  

  • The studio door is closed 10-15 minutes after a class begins and late comers may not permitted.

  • Phones should be set to silent or turned off. No cell phone use in the practice space and refrain from talking on the phone in all areas fo the studio. 

  • Please do not wear perfume or strong scents.