Please note, our online offering will be concluding at the end of this summer.   
We are offering special summer rates and you can continue to purchase these passes throughout the summer.  All passes below expire September 4, 2021.
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Terms & Conditions and Purchase Policies for Online Classes 2020/21:  


No refunds. Schedule subject to change.  Rates apply to online live-stream classes, not in-studio classes, workshops or pre-registered classes. 


September 4, 2021 is the expiration date on ALL passes. 

Late access is at the discretion of the teacher and not guaranteed.   

Note: studio passes (from pre-covid 19) are also a valid form of payment for online classes. 
If you have these passes, we encourage you to support the studio and use them up before purchasing new online pricing options. 
If your passes were valid as of March 8, 2020 and have since expired, please contact us to have them extended. 
Sliding scale rates are available for those who need assistance at this time.  If regular rates are not within your current means, please contact us.