New online class sign up procedure - 

With the health and wellness of everyone in mind,  we will be switching to online sign up through Mindbody Online for classes effective immediately. 

We've been using Mindbody for the online sign up of workshops for a few years.  We are extending this practice to drop-in classes effective June 1st.   


If you've been to the studio in the last 2 years you already have a Mindbody Roots Account.    All you need to do is log-in and make sure  your personal information is up to date so that you receive notification emails from us and you don't miss class!


If you don't know your log-in information or have not used your Mindbody account before CLICK HERE

To create a new account CLICK HERE (don't do this if you may already have an account, it will create a duplicate)

Beginning in June, our Zoom classes will require advance sign up through mindbody online at least 30 minutes?prior to start time.  Participants will be emailed a link and password to join class.   We will be offering new pricing for online classes which you will be prompted to purchase when you sign up for a class.  You also have the option to re-activate any existing passes you may have in your account and use these to pay for online classes if you prefer.  Please email us to set this up. 

Switching to this model now, while we are operating online, will prepare you for the way we will do things once in studio classes resume.  To adhere to new safety protocols, we will have to limit our capacity, and signing up for class through our mindbody system this will allow you to secure your spot for your class ahead of time and allow for a contactless check-in process upon arrival.   Not to worry, there will be  a fair cancellation policy in place and a few spaces held for a last minute drop-ins. 

Follow the prompts when you hit the sign up button for class and you should be just fine.  If you do need help, please don't hestitate to let us know.  We would be happy to assist you in getting set up. 

Once you have yourself set up your Roots Mindbody Account you will be able to:  

sign up for a virtual class

sign up for in-studio classes (once we are open again)

buy passes

register for workshops

view your account 

We recommend using the Mindbody App for phones or tablets.   


You can also access your account through our website using your browser on your computer or device.  There is a log in button at teh top and if you click on the sign up buttons anywhere you will be linked to Mindbody to complete the sign up. 

Step 1:  Visit the Roots Mindbody Account .   For future convenience there is also a LOG IN link in the top bar of our website.

Step 2:  Click "Sign Up!"  - to create your personal login.  Found in the top righthand of the Roots Mindbody Account Screen.
















Step 3:  Enter your first and last name in the New to our Site?  box.  




















Step 4:  If we have set up a profile for you, the system will recongize your name and ask you to confirm.  If you don't have a profile yet, you can create one at this time.  


Step 5:  Complete your personal information and create your username and password.  


Ready:  Now when you go to the Roots Mindbody Page, you can enter your username and password in the top righthand corner to login to your personal account.




By logging into your account, you are able to BUY CLASSES and view your profile online.  Your profile will containe a record of your payment history, attendance and current pass status.  Please note, student/senior passes are not available for online purchase yet.   Only payment history as of May 9/16 will be available.  













The Mindbody App is the easiest way to quickly access the schedule, buy classes and view your account.

Buy Classes Tab
Personal Account Info