Beginning September 28, 2020 you will need a MIndbody Account set up to register for classes. 



If you've been to the studio in the last 3 years you already have a Mindbody Account with us.  

If you don't know your personal log-in information or have not used your account to register or buy classes online before, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Visit the Roots Mindbody Account  (for future convenience there is also a LOG IN button in the top bar of our website.)

Step 2:  Click "SIGN IN" - Found in the top righthand of the Roots Yoga Studio Mindbody Account Screen.

Step 3:   If you don't have a personal log-in already set up (i.e. you have not used your mindbody acccount online before), Use the "Create an Account" box and enter your email address.  


Step 4:  If you have been to the studio before we already have an account set up for you, the system will recognize your name and ask you to confirm.  If you haven't visited us before, you can create a new account at this time.  


Step 5:  Complete your personal information and create your username and password.  


Ready:  Now you can access your account when prompted for your username and password - you will need this personal log-in to set up the MINDBODY APP (recommended for phones and tablets) and to register or log-in through our website.  

You can now book and buy classes and view your client profile (record of your payment history, attendance and current pass status.) 




MAKE SURE YOUR CLIENT PROFILE IS UP TO DATE with correct email and opt-in set to receive "reminders and schedule changes".

​You can access your account through our website using your browser on your computer or device.  There is a log in button in the  top bar or our website and if you click on the "sign up" or ""book buttons anywhere on your website you will be linked to Mindbody to complete your registration.

The free Mindbody App is recommended for phones and tablets.