Class Descriptions 

All yoga styles share the same intention of supporting a healthy body and mind.  A class should leave you feeling balanced and whole.   What type of practice you choose will depend on your own unique make up, and may even change from day to day,  or over time.  


Yoga should always be done in an informed and intelligent manner.  One should feel steady and the breath should be fluid.   Experience level is not based on what you can do, but what you know.   A solid understanding of the basics, before adding more complex postures or sequences, is essential for keeping yourself safe and enjoying the benefits of yoga for years to come.


These class descriptions will help get a feeling for the different classes we offer and their focus.  Keep in mind, all of our highly experienced teachers bring their own unique approach and personality to a class as well. There is also a "code" for easy reference.


An evening class designed to relax and ground you while creating a quiet space to connect back with yourself. Using principles from yoga therapy, we will move through gentle sequences coordinated with the breath and rest in one or two restorative poses. We will finish with pranayama and a guided relaxation practice. Please have 2 blankets and a pillow or bolster handy.