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discussing her experience with anatomy, why she is passionate about her new training, and why you should be too.

Graduating from a Yoga Teacher Training course is a huge accomplishment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, it’s common to feel confused about how the body is put together and functions, even after completing a YTT.



In this intensive, we will dive into the anatomical reality of the body as it relates to yoga asana practice. Through experiential learning we will discover how the body functions as a whole. Using yoga asanas to explore how the body moves, we will examine how joints function to facilitate or inhibit movement. We will build an understanding around why restriction typically exists in certain areas and how we can overcome them through our yoga practice.


This course was designed for those who already have some background in anatomy, and are hoping to deepen their understanding and become more effective yoga or movement teachers.


Part 1: The Spine  (January 25 + 26)


The spine is a complicated structure made up of 33 vertebrae and housing the spinal cord. From the time we are in utero until we die the spine is constantly evolving and responding to stress that is placed on it. Understanding what is a neutral curve of the spine, as well as, what normal spinal movements are, and how to work with them in our yoga practice is critical for our health and wellbeing. In this part we will learn how the various parts of the spine are designed for different types of movement and how we can adjust certain aspects of the practice to address postural abnormalities.


Part 2: The Lower Body  (February 29 + March 1)


The lower body is a complex structure, built for weight bearing and propulsion. In this section we will focus on learning how the three main joints of the lower body (ankle, knee and hip), interact with each other to produce movement, stabilize the body and bring about a sense of grounding. We will discuss how yoga can impact the joints of the lower body in both positive and negative ways. Finally, we will explore how to design safe and effective practices that take into consideration the anatomy of the lower body.



Part 3: The Upper Body  (March 28 + 29)


The upper limb was built for expression, as well as reaching and grasping. It wasn’t built for weight bearing. However, in yoga practice we spend a lot of time on our hands, and ask our arms to bear some, or even all of our body weight. Understanding the relationship between the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders when we are weight bearing is critical if we’re going to teach yoga classes that keep these joints happy and healthy for years to come.


Each part can be taken sequentially or individually,  and serve a stand alone course.

Dates + Times


Saturdays 2pm to 7pm +  Sundays 1-7pm, on the following weekends:

January 25 + 26  -  Part 1:  The Spine                

February 29 + March 1Part 2:  The Lower Body     

March 28 + 29  -  Part 3: The Upper Body     



Fees  Complete 30-hr training: $700 + HST  or  Individual 10-hour part: $250 + HST each

Pre-requisites   200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Course or by teacher's permission. 


Meet Simone Nitzan - Simone first found herself on a yoga mat as a university student in her early 20’s. It wasn’t love at first sight, rather Simone was an athlete and student of kinesiology, studying how the body functions and moves in a variety of ways. At 23 Simone went on her first trip to India, where she was taken with the level of reverence and ritual that existed in everyday life. She decided that on her return to Canada she would take on a  daily yoga practice.


Now, 13 years later Simone has been practicing almost every day of her life. She has completed over 1000 hours of her own training and is constantly evolving and deepening her own understanding of these ancient teachings. Simone completed 500 hours of training with the renowned Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, as well as, 500 hours of training with Eyal Chehanowski in Tel Aviv, Israel. Simone also regularly travels to New York City where she is training with Stacey Brass Russell.

Today Simone is a mother of a 3 year old girl and balances her time between practicing and teaching yoga, practicing as a registered massage therapist and mothering her daughter. Nothing makes Simone feel more alive than listening to her daughter laugh, seeing her students discover something new for the first time and witnessing transformation in action on and off the yoga mat.

Simone blends her knowledge of western science, anatomy and physiology with her experience in yogic philosophy. Simone is passionate about sharing these teachings and empowering others to access their best selves. Simone is inspired by how the ancient wisdom of yoga can be applied to our lives in the modern world today. Hatha Yoga has the power to heal our over stimulated nervous system with its multitude of practices, while yoga philosophy leads us to a more sustainable and positive lifestyle, grounded in love for ourselves and all beings.


Teacher Training & Continuing Education Policies:    Each training is subject to it's own terms and conditions.